Monday, 28 October 2013

BAN Toxics! Request for Proposals for Project on Chemicals Management

Deadline: 26 October 2013

BAN Toxics! (BT) – an independent non-profit, environmental organization that is devoted to preventing toxic trade in wastes, goods, and technology, and upholding the rights of developing countries to environmental justice, with particular focus on the Southeast Asian region – has announced a Request for Proposals.

Pursuant to BT’s objective of promoting environmental justice in particular its focus on leaving a toxics-free world for the next generation, the current BT programme on chemicals management is looking to develop the groundwork for an approach in achieving the sound management of chemicals to protect human health and the environment through a legally-binding, global chemicals convention.

Pursuant to this objective, BT sees the need to: expand its expertise and forge a partnership with qualified entities to strengthen BT’s knowledge of the global political landscape; improve its understanding of the limitations of existing agreements on chemicals and waste; and add to its experience in developing and negotiating these international instruments.

The following key activities will be undertaken by BT and its chosen partner in forging ahead in developing an approach for chemicals management through a legally-binding, global chemicals convention:

    Consultation with key stakeholders to build consensus on the need for a comprehensive and adequate global regime for chemical safety.
    Assessment of on-going policy processes and precedents from other contexts for potential application to a global regime for chemical safety.
    Advocacy for a comprehensive global regime for chemical safety.

In accomplishing the above tasks, BT is looking for a non-profit partner located anywhere around the world.
For more information, visit this link.

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