Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Global Health Corps Fellowships

The Global Health Corps, which aims to mobilize a global community of emerging leaders to build a movement for health equity, is currently open to accepting applications for 2011-2012 fellowships with placements in United States and other countries such as Burundi, Malawi, Rwanda and Uganda.

Global Health Corps Fellows must be under age 30 at the time of application; have an undergraduate university degree by July 2011; and be proficient in English

For each placement, two fellows will be selected: One in-country fellow (citizen of the placement country), and one international fellow (US citizens for placements in Africa; any non-US citizen for placements in the US).

The Program works to program works to build the movement for global health equity by:

              Increasing the impact of great organizations today: Fellows work with high-impact organizations in year-long paid positions. During their fellowship year, fellows make a significant and measurable contribution to the partner organization and the target population.

              Training and supporting the leaders of tomorrow: Over the course of the fellowship year, fellows participate in a wide range of activities aimed at increasing their effectiveness as practitioners and their development as leaders.

              Building a global community of changemakers: Fellows build a set of shared values, commitment and skills that they carry well beyond the fellowship year. The GHC community and alumni program serve as a source of opportunity and strength throughout fellows’ lives and careers.


1 March 2011: Applications close for American Candidates

1 April 2011: Applications close for International Candidates.

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