Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Apply For A Conference Or Training Grant- Kirkhouse Trust

Please note the following before applying for a conference or training grant:
·         The Trust will only approve applications from less developed countries (i.e. Africa, Asia, South America, etc).

·         Citizens of Africa, Asia and South America who are currently studying towards PhDs in Europe, USA and Australasia are eligible to apply if they can provide clear evidence that they will return to their home countries on completion of their studies. 

·         The conference topic and the focus for training must be agricultural crop improvement; typically a food crop. 

·         The applicant should have secured partial funding from another source.
The Trust will not normally provide all costs, that is, registration or course fees, accommodation and travel costs. 

·         Those awarded a conference attendance or training grant cannot apply for another grant for a further four years. 

·         All scientists in reciept of a conference attendance or training grant are required to submit a short report to the Trust within two months of their return to their country of residence.
·         Economy class travel should be booked with an airline or reputable travel agent. 

The Trust will pay these costs directly to the airline or travel agent by an international bank transfer. 
·         If payment of registration and course fees or accommodation costs is approved, the payment will normally be made direct to the agencies concerned. 

However, if the applicant has to make these payments, the Trust will reimburse the applicant to the amount approved by the Trustees. 

For more information and application visit: Apply For A Conference Or Training Grant
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