Wednesday, 2 February 2011

International Women's Programs Grants - Open Society Institute

The mission of IWP is to use grant-making and programmatic efforts to promote and protect the rights of women and girls in priority areas around the globe where the principles of good governance and respect for the rule of law are absent or destroyed because of conflict.

IWP seeks to promote the advancement of women’s rights and gender equality in law and practice, and the empowerment of women to ensure participation in the democratic processes.

IWP invites proposals from local, national, regional or international organizations which focus on one or more of the following objectives:

·         Reducing discrimination and violence against women
·         Strengthening women’s access to justice
·         Increasing women’s role as decision-makers and leaders

Grant Support:
Organizations can apply for general support grant or support for a specific project. General support grants are intended for organizations which focus one or more of the listed objectives. A general support grant supports unspecified organizational costs. 

Preference is given to:
·         Organizations managed and led by women
·         Organizations that have a five-year plus track record and demonstrate sustainability
·         Organizations that forge partnerships with other civil society groups working on similar issues
·         Local/indigenous independent non-governmental organizations or initiatives that link local and international organizations

Organizations can apply for one to three year grants ranging from $25,000 to $200,000.
For further details, see: International Women's Programs Grants - Open Society Institute Website

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