Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Belgian Development Agency seeks proposals for consultancy services for Development of a Climate Change Policy for Uganda

The Belgian Development Agency in association with Ministry of Water and Environment, Republic of Uganda is inviting proposals for consultancy services under Belgo-Ugandan Study and Consultancy Fund for development of a climate change policy for Uganda. The policy will be developed by a team of experts that will be individually recruited under two different funding. One international consultant will also be recruited who will get support of six national counterparts with expertise in different areas.

Experts Required

-      International Consultant
->            Climate Change Expert
-      National Consultants
->            Policy Analyst
->            Environment and climate change Expert
->            Climate change Adaptation Consultant
->            Climate Change Mitigation Consultant
->            Environment Engineer
->            Economist/Environmental Economist

Evaluation of Proposals
The evaluation of quotations will use the following methodology:
-      Detailed evaluation to assess the suitability of the Consultant;
-      Financial comparison of all consultants will be done to determine the best evaluated bid.
Proposals failing any above-mentioned stage will be eliminated and not considered in subsequent stages.

Technical Criteria (80%): Proposals shall be awarded scores out of the maximum number of points indicated for each of the following criteria which will be expanded during the evaluation:
Methodology Proposed – 40 points; Interpretation of the TOR – 10 points; Consultant experience and qualification – 50 points; Total: 100 points
The minimum technical score required to pass the technical evaluation is 70 points.

Financial Criteria (20%): The ranking of prices will depend on the cheapest offer among the consultants whereby the cheapest will be awarded full mark of 100%.

Data, Services and Facilities

The Ministry of Water and Environment will provide the consultants with the following facilities:
-      Organizing all the proposed meetings, regional and national workshops;
-      All available or full access to relevant information and documentation required for the preparation of the Draft climate change Policy;
-      Working space at MWE or Climate Change Unit Offices.
Last date for submitting the proposals is October 11, 2011.

For more information and details, you can visit this link.

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