Friday, 29 November 2013

Open Society Foundations’ Grant for ‘Open Access to Law Initiative’

The Open Society Foundations’ grant for ‘Open Access to Law Initiative’ is part of the Information Program that seeks to address the problem of public access to statutory and case law which remains restricted in many countries around the world, especially in the Sub-Saharan region.  The Information Program cooperates with an international network of Legal Information Institutes that work with governments, courts and law societies to collate law corpuses and make them freely available online.

The Information Program and Open Society Foundation’s Africa foundations are supporting the development of a larger initiative which is undertaking to make open access to law the norm throughout Africa. To achieve this, Legal Information Institutes are being established at the national level in Sub-Saharan Africa, while a regional body has been developed to provide support and training to the national Legal Information Institutes. OSF is partnering with UNDP, Freedom House and the Africa Technology and Transparency Initiative to support this initiative.

The Open Access to Law Initiative has a full program of work for 2013. The Open Access to Law Initiative will consider applications from new partners in line with above stated priorities.

To apply, initially only a one-page concept note containing a brief description of the project goals and planned activities; information about the applicant organization and project partners; and an idea of how much your project will cost.

For more information, visit this link.

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