Sunday, 3 November 2013

Global Fund for Women Grant Opportunity is now open!

Deadline: 15 December 2013

The Global Fund for Women provides funding for women’s groups to advance the human rights of women and girls around the world. It gives grants ranging from $500 to $30,000 for operating and program expenses.

The Global Fund for Women supports Groups of women working together.

Organizations that demonstrate a clear commitment to women’s equality and women’s human rights; organizations that are governed and directed by women; and organizations based outside of the United States.

The Global Fund for Women recently moved from accepting proposals on a rolling basis to accepting proposals twice a year with defined cycles. The current grant cycle is open from September 15 onwards and closes on December 15.

There are three types of grants of the Global Fund for Women: Innovation, Strengthening, and Sustaining Grants.

Innovation Grants

Women’s movements are stronger when they are diverse and dynamic. Innovation grants fund new/emerging approaches, issues, and voices. With these grants Global Fund aims to raise visibility and leverage resources for women’s movements and to connect emerging groups to a wider network of women’s organizations. They address women’s rights agendas in rural and excluded areas/communities, sustain new approaches, and nurture young feminists involved in building the women’s movement. These grants can also support creative approaches to challenging issues and pilot projects that require some calculated risk.

Strengthening Grants

Women’s movements are stronger when women’s organizations have the capacity and resources to be effective and strategic. Strengthening grants fund infrastructure, enhance grantee’s programmatic impact, and strengthen capacity and connections. These medium-sized grants aim to support the professionalism of women’s groups. Strengthening Grants offer reliable support to groups who have a track record of cumulative change and have infused voices and issues into mainstream agendas.

Sustaining Grants

Women’s movements are most successful when women’s organizations are well networked, led and supported and have the funds to seize opportunities when they arise. Therefore Sustaining Grants are larger, fund strong national, regional, and global women’s rights organizations. Only those who are invited can apply for them.
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