Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Monsanto Fund Grants

The Monsanto Fund invites applications for its Africa grants. 

These aim to improve the Earth's ecosystem and the well-being of people by supporting projects in the following primary areas:

·         Improving nutritional well being through agriculture

·         The environment
·         Science education
·         Communities
Public charities, government units, private schools, private hospitals and medical research organisations are eligible to apply. 

Funding will only be considered for projects over $25,000. All grant requests must be for $25,000 or more.
All Organizations from outside the United States interested in applying for a Monsanto Fund grant need to fill out a World Area Grant Application and forward it to the respective world area representative 

International organizations must make initial contact through a Monsanto country manager or appropriate employee, who will ensure that they meet the tax-exempt status and other qualifications before initiating further discussions. 

Deadline: 1 January and 1 July every year.

Africa, Kinyua Mbijjewe, Monsanto Nairobi, I&M Building, 6th Floor, 2nd Ngong Avenue, Ngong Road, Nairobi, Kenya. Email:[at]

For more information and application materials, contact: The Monsanto Fund Website

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