Thursday, 3 March 2011

International Reading Association’s Grants for Literacy Projects in Countries with Developing Economies

Only for members of the International Reading Association (IRA)

International Reading Association provides funding support to literacy projects in developing countries for its members. Individuals can become members of the Association and access many other benefits from its resource database.

“The purpose of this fund is to assist in the funding of literacy projects and in the professional development of literacy educators. This fund, made possible by voluntary contributions of International Reading Association members, offers annual one-time grants to International Reading Association members from developing countries (using the World Bank definition) who seek support for a literacy project in their own countries.

The number of grants (each up to US$2,500.00) will be determined by the amount of donations made to this fund as of June 30 each year.

The criteria and conditions for the grant are as follows:
  1. The applicant resides in the developing country for which the grant is sought and is an International Reading Association member.
  2. The applicant submits a project plan identifying how the funds will be used to promote literacy; how the funds will benefit an affiliate/council, community, and/or IRA; more specifically, how the funds could be used, for instance, to help children/adults/females learn to read.
  3. The applicant agrees to promote the goals of the International Reading Association and indicates how this support will be manifested (how additional members will be gained, etc.).
  4. The applicant provides a letter of support from an IRA affiliate council or member that demonstrates an understanding of the applicant’s project and proposed use of the funds.
  5. Successful applicants agree to submit a written report to IRA describing how the funds were used; how the funds benefited their affiliate/council/community, IRA, etc.; and how the funds might have been more appropriately used (if applicable).
Proposals should be submitted by 1 November deadline. For more information, visit this link.
Please note that you can seek support from IRA only after becoming its member.

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