Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Documentation and Advocacy Fund for European Organizations working on LGBTI Issues

Deadline: 20 October 2014
The ILGA-Europe working for the equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) people in Europe invites applications from organizations in European countries to apply for the Documentation and Advocacy Fund. The primary aim of the fund is to address discrimination at schools, school bullying and gender stereotypes and to work for inclusion and equality in educational contexts.
Grant may be allocated to one or more of the following
  1. Collect data on school bullying (this topic should only be explored by organizations operating in countries where there is a proven gap of information in this area
  2. Exploring the specific barriers faced by trans and/or intersex children and youth in the education system and identifying needs in this area
  3. Collecting and analyzing data on teachers’ and administrative staff’s competence and attitudes in the field of LGBTI issues
  4. Identify how curricula and textbooks refer to LGBTI issues
  5. Explore how the school environment is inclusive of LGBTI students and teachers’ needs
The ILGA-Europe will make maximum 7 awards of maximum €6000-€7000 each.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Applicants must be LGBT organizations officially registered with local authorities or unregistered initiative groups.
  • Applications must provide a clear methodology and outline what the objectives, added-value and expected outcomes are.
  • Applications must allow for the documentation of new evidence on discriminatory practices and barriers in access to education of LGBTI people.
  • Applications must enhance data collection skills in the area of education.
  • Applications providing an opportunity for joint work (peer-learning and/or coaching) between different civil society organizations are encouraged.
For more information, please visit Call for Proposals.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The AEWA Small Grants Fund for Organizations in Select African Countries

Deadline: 1 October 2014
The Secretariat of the African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds Agreement (AEWA) invites applications from national governmental or non-governmental agencies or international non-governmental agencies/organizations in the sector for the Small Grant Fund 2014 cycle. The major aim of the Fund is to promote the implementation of AEWA in developing countries and countries with economies in transition.
AEWA-related conservation activities will be supported
  1. Species and habitat conservation
  2. Training and awareness-raising for different target groups
  3. Survey and monitoring of species and sites
  4. Livelihood-related activities
The maximum grant award per project is USD20,000 and the maximum project duration is 24 months.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Applicants must be from one of the following African countries – Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Swaziland, Togo, Uganda and Zimbabwe. In case of Chad, Congo, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Libya, Niger, Senegal, Sudan, Tunisia eligibility is yet pending.
  • Applicants can be any national governmental agency or any national or international non-governmental agency/organization involved with the conservation of migratory waterbirds and/or their habitats in the respective eligible country.
  • Projects are not eligible for funding if a Small Grants Fund project from an earlier cycle is ongoing in the respective country.
  • Projects in member countries are also not eligible for funding if the respective country is more than three years in arrears with its annual financial contributions to AEWA.
For more information, please visit AEWA Small Grants 2014

Monday, 29 September 2014

The Rapid Ocean Conservation (ROC) Grants Program of Waitt Foundation (Up to $10,000)

Deadline: Ongoing
The Waitt Foundation invites grant applications for Small Grants to implement big ocean conservation issues. The grant opportunity is entitled the Rapid Ocean Conservation (ROC) Grants Program that offers grants up to $10,000.
The ROC Grants will serve as an innovative solution catalyst by rapidly responding to urgent needs in ocean conservation with a focus on marine protected areas and sustainable fishing. The grants aim to support higher-risk ideas on a global scale.
  1. Scientific Research
  2. Policy
  3. Management
  4. Communications
Eligibility Criteria
  • International applicants must provide proof and documentation of charitable status (examples: articles of incorporation, charter, certificate of registered charity).
  • US applicants must have a U.S. tax identification number and be able to provide a current copy of their IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter.
  • Project must support sustainable fishing and/or MPAs as elaborated in the program focus section.
  • Applicants need not hold advanced degrees, but must demonstrate an equivalent experience and expertise with respect to the proposed project.
  • Applicants must have and maintain legitimate affiliation with an academic institution or NGO for the duration of the grant project.
  • Grants should constitute the sole or primary source of funding for the proposed project.
  • Spending of grant funds must commence within 1 month of granting, and be completed within 6.
  • Funds cannot be used for event sponsorships (e.g. conferences, workshops).
  • Applicants must submit a project specific budget explaining how the funds would be used.
  • Applications must be submitted via website (online application system).
For more information, please visit Waitt Foundation ROC Grants Program.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

The amfAR announces $180,000 Grants for HIV Research

Deadline: 10 October 2014
The amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, is inviting applications to explore the mechanisms for HIV persistence and the potential for HIV eradication. The amfAR will support basic, pre-clinical, clinical, and especially transnational research exploring the mechanisms whereby HIV infection persists; the chronic nature of viral reservoirs and latency; and barriers to the eradication of HIV, with the potential goal of ultimately curing HIV infection.
Grant request can be made for up to $180,000 and the project will have to be implemented between 1 February 2015 to 31 January 2017.
  1. Determine the location of persistent reservoirs of HIV in tissues, cell subsets or within cells
  2. Determine the cellular and viral mechanisms and kinetics that establish and/or maintain HIV persistence
  3. Develop, compare, or validate assays to measure persistent infection
  4. Develop and test strategies to safely eliminate or control viral reservoirs (in the absence of ART)
Eligibility Criteria
  • Applications are accepted from nonprofit research institutions worldwide; applications are not accepted from individuals or for-profit entities.
  • The Principal investigators
    1. Must hold a doctoral level degree
    2. Must be affiliated with the applicant institution
    3. If the proposal is a collaboration including sub-component projects, the principal investigator will be expected to lead one of the component projects, coordinate the development, implementation and analysis of the projects as a whole, and be responsible for overall financial Management and the preparation and submission of required reports.
  • Research teams may include members from, and budgets may include subcontracts with or sub-awards to for-profit entities.
For more information, please visit the Request for Proposals.
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