Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Oak Foundation Grants

Oak Foundation Grants: Oak Foundation is an international philanthropy, commits its resources to address issues of global social and environmental concern, particularly those that have a major impact on the lives of the disadvantaged. 

Due dates: proposals and concept notes accepted throughout the year. 

Funding Criteria
The Foundation seeks leadership projects that meet the following criteria:
·         Target root causes;
·         Demonstrate solutions that can be adopted by permanent providers and/or by government;
·         Mobilise financial commitment from a range of different sources;
·         Promote collaboration among organisations and funders;
·         Involve the target population in the planning and implementation of the project;
·         Demonstrate good financial and organisational management.

Grants will not be awarded for:
·         Religious organisations for religious purposes;
·         Supporting candidates for office;
·         General fund-raising drives or events; or
·         Amounts under US$25,000 (except in special circumstances). 

For more information, please contact: Oak Foundation, 47 Winter Street- 6th Floor, Boston, Massachusetts 02108, USA. E-mail:

For additional information and application please see; Oak Foundation Grants

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