Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Beyond Sport Awards 2011: Using Sports to create positive social change

Beyond Sport is a global organization that promotes, develops and funds the use of sport to create positive social change across the world. There are three primary ways of doing this: Beyond Sport Awards, Beyond Sport Summit and Beyond Sport World.

Currently, the Beyond Sport Awards is accepting entries under 12 categories covering the entire sporting spectrum of health, social inclusion, corporate and social responsibility, and philanthropy.

Shortlisted entries for these awards receive a free invitation to the Beyond Sport Summit 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa; flights to and accommodation during the Summit; access to Beyond Sport’s global network of international sports organizations, company leaders, and influential political figures; and opportunities for business mentoring and to become members of the most influential group of social entrepreneurs ever assembled around sport.

The winners of the six Beyond Sport Community Awards will receive a minimum of $15,000 funding each and a package of substantial business support to enable them to move forward and become fully sustainable in the future.

Any project or initiative wishing to enter the Beyond Sport Awards must live up to the four basic principles of the Beyond Sport mission: Model, Impact, Sustainability and Replication.
The categories of awards are:

1. Community Awards for not-for-profits, NGOs, IGOs, charitable or small social entrepreneurial organisations: Best New Project, UNICEF Sport for Education Award, Sport for Health Award, Best Project for Social Inclusion and Sport for Conflict Resolution Award.

2. Environment Award for independent projects, federations, companies, government agencies, and rights holders alike. A relevant entry can be for any kind of activity that addresses environmental issues – i.e. events, campaigns, stand-alone projects, policies that resulted in an environmental improvement. The award under this category is the Sport for Environment Award.

3. Corporate and Federation Awards for corporations, businesses, sport governing bodies, official rights-holders, professional sports teams, federations, large social enterprises, or non-profits looking to nominate a corporate partner. The awards under this category are Sport Team of the Year, Sport Federation or Governing Body of the Year and the Corporate of the Year.

4. Judges’ Awards: There will also be a number of Judges’ Awards.
The deadline to submit entries is March 15, 2011. For more information, visit this link.

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