Wednesday, 2 February 2011

United Nations Public Service Awards

The United Nations Public Service Award
The United Nations Public Service Award is the most prestigious international recognition of excellence in public service. 

It rewards the creative achievements and contributions of public service institutions that lead to a more effective and responsive public administration in countries worldwide.
Through an annual competition, the UN Public Service Awards promotes the role, professionalism and visibility of public service.

Award Application Eligibility Criteria:
·         All Public organizations/agencies at national and sub-national levels, as well as public/private partnerships and organizations performing outsourced public service functions, are eligible for nomination.
·         The United Nations Public Service Awards take into consideration a geographical distribution of five regions.
·         In order to level the playing field for nominations received from countries with varying levels of development and income, the following five regions have been established: Africa; Asia and the Pacific; Europe and North America; Latin America and the Caribbean; and Western Asia.

·         Nominations have to be made by another entity than the institution being nominated, i.e. selfnominations will not be accepted. 

·         Eligible nominators include: Government departments andagencies; universities, non-governmental organizations, professional associations, etc.

·         Purely scientific innovations, e.g. in medical or environmental science, do not qualify for the United Nations Public Service Awards. 

Deadline: 31st December.

For More Information and Application, Kindly Visit: The United Nations Public Service Awards Website

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