Thursday, 3 March 2011

ICCO: Partnering with NGOs on Health and Education

ICCO is the Netherlands-based interchurch organization for development cooperation working to reduce poverty and justice around the world so that people can live a lift of dignity and prosperity. In order to achieve its primary goal, ICCO provides grant support to local NGOs in different countries. ICCO currently works in more than fifty countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. 

The main programmes on which ICCO focuses its grants include the ‘Basic Social Services,’ ‘Fair Economic Development’ and ‘Democratization and Peace-building.’ Under ‘Basic Social Services,’ ICCO provides support for communities for education, healthcare, food and water. The ‘Fair Economic Development’ programme is more livelihood-oriented and supports small entrepreneurs and their families in sustaining their incomes. ‘Democratization and Peace-building’ is for providing support to marginalized communities affected by conflict and instable political environment in developing countries affected by violence.

ICCO’s grant instruments include the co-financing of developmental projects through NGOs. The purpose of these projects should cover the programme areas of ICCO. It invites proposals from NGOs from around the world. However, there are criteria for the selection of partner organizations and applicants have to review the guidelines available at this link. Proposal formats and other information is also available on the website.

ICCO also provides funds for emergencies and disasters in affected areas. These funds are also operated through local NGOs. In addition to this, ICCO also believes in enhancing NGO capacities in delivering community-based programmes. For this, it has established a separate unit called the I/C Consult. ICCO also appoints development professionals with NGOs for enhancing partner capacities in different fields of intervention.

The contact information of ICCO is:

P.O. Box 8190
3503 RD Utrecht
The Netherlands

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