Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Concept notes invited for USAID’s Global Development Alliance

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is seeking concept notes for the FY2011 Global Development Alliance (GDA) Annual Program Statement.

The Global Development Alliance is an innovative public-private alliance model for improving social and economic conditions in developing countries. It invites interest from prospective partner organizations to form innovative Global Development Alliances that contribute significantly towards the achievement of results for USAID’s key initiatives addressing issues of global health, climate change, food security, water, technology and innovation.

USAID is keen to support Alliance partners who will bring significant new resources, ideas, technologies and/or partners to address significant development problems and challenges. “Successful proposals will bring at least a 1:1 resource leveraging to address Agency initiatives or other significant development challenges within USAID’s manageable interest. and will clearly articulate the unique value that the private sector brings to a particular development challenge or Agency initiative, such as helping to increase the scale, efficiency, effectiveness and/or sustainability of an initiative.”

Through these partnerships, USAID seeks to support high-priority initiatives currently in operation such as Feed the Future (food security), Global Climate Change and the Global Health Initiative. In addition to these, there are other areas under which alliances can propose projects. These areas are:

    * Anti-corruption/democracy and governance/civil society strengthening
    * Humanitarian assistance
    * Disaster preparedness, response and recovery
    * Economic policy and trade and regulatory reform
    * Information technology

Concept notes for discussion have to be submitted to the local USAID Mission located in one’s own country. Based upon the review of the concept notes, full applications will be requested from the selected applicants. The concept notes will be accepted through 30 September 2011. More information  Click Here 
For the benefit of NGOs in developing countries, we have tried to simplify the concept of USAID’s Global Development Alliance and how an organization can apply for it.

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