Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Proposals are accepted for Grant Challenges Explorations – Round 7

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is accepting applications for the Round 7 of Grant Challenges Explorations, which provides grants of $100,000 for unconventional ideas that could transform health in developing countries and focuses on research areas where creative, unorthodox thinking is most  urgently needed.

Proposals for the Round 7 can be submitted on the following topics:

·         The Poliovirus Endgame: Create Ways to Accelerate, Sustain and Monitor Eradication
·         Create the Next Generation of Sanitation Technologies
·         Create Low-Cost Cell Phone-Based Solutions for Improved Uptake and Coverage of Childhood Vaccinations
·         Design New Approaches to Cure HIV Infection
·         Explore Nutrition for Healthy Growth of Infants and Children
·         Apply Synthetic Biology to Global Health Challenges

The Grant Challenges Explorations requests applications no more than two pages. Researchers, entrepreneurs, scientists and inventors from any part of the world including developing countries can submit their ideas.

Besides providing grants of $100,000 to selected ideas, there is also the opportunity to receive addtional funding of up to $1 million.

The deadline to submit applications is 19 May 2011. For more information, visit this Link
 For more NGO funds, grants and resources always visit http://ngogrants.blogspot.com/

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