Wednesday, 2 February 2011

William T. Grant Scholars Program

William T. Grant Scholars Program for Young Researchers in NGOs: The William T. Grant Foundation scholars program is meant for young researchers or professionals pursuing research and employed in a nonprofit organization within or outside United States.

As William T. Grant Scholars, the selected candidates will each receive a grant of $350,000 which will be distributed over a period of five years.

Early-career researchers in the field of social, behavioral or health sciences can apply for this program.

The Program prefers to support “applicants who already have a promising track record, but seek a qualitative shift in their trajectory as researchers.”

The Scholars should be ambitious in their research endeavors to tackle important questions that will advance theory, policy and practice for youth (8-25 years) and they use different methods, disciplinary perspectives and content knowledge in their studies.

Grants will be made available to organizations where the selected young researchers are working. Only tax-exempt nonprofit organizations or NGOs are eligible to receive these grants.
Application deadline: 7 July.

For more information and grant application, see: William T. Grant Scholars Program Website

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