Thursday, 6 October 2011

FAHAMU Invites Proposals for Collaborative Research Project on Comparative African Perspectives on China and Other Emerging Powers in Africa

The FAHAMU, a network of social justice issues, has started a collaborative research project on comparative African Perspectives on China and Other Emerging Powers in Africa. FAHAMU invites proposals from African individuals and institutions for this project in some specific thematic areas. Four research grants are available for the award. Interested individuals can also make research teams which should comprise of maximum three persons and have one team leader.

Research Themes
The primary purpose of this research project is to undertake a comprehensive comparative analysis between one of the following emerging powers and China’s activities in a respective African country:

        -     India
        -     Brazil
        -     A Gulf State

Applicants will choose one of these countries, provide a comparative perspective with the activities of China in their respective African country, and conclude with a set of policy recommendations based on the findings. Focus will be placed on one of the following themes:

-     Comparative study on trade and investment practices of Chinese TNC’s in Africa and the chosen emerging actor, including corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices,
-     Comparative study of the Chinese Diaspora community in Africa with the Diaspora community of the chosen emerging actor in Africa, or migration patterns, and the African response,
-     Comparative study of investment practices in one of the following:
->  The agricultural sector, and the effects on land tenure rights
->  The extractive industries, and its environmental and social impact
->  The manufacturing sector, and the effects on local employment
-     Comparative study on China’s (changing) stance on human rights and non-interference in Africa and the differences/similarities with the conduct of the chosen emerging actor,
-     Comparative study on China’s aid policy to Africa vis-à-vis other Asian and ‘Southern’ powers, and the older ‘Northern’ players, and the implications for debt sustainability.

Proposal Requirements
Each proposal should include the following:
-     State selected theme number
-     Background: The policy context of the proposed research.
-     Objective(s): A brief statement of the specific objectives based on the coverage of the thematic studies mentioned.
-     Methodology: A statement detailing how the research objectives are to be achieved, i.e. research questions, methods, data collection and data analysis.
-     Statement of qualification
-     Work Program and Timeline: The brief description of activities and timeline needed for each activity. Total duration of this study is 6 months.

Last date for submitting the proposals is October 12, 2011.

For more information and details, you can visit this link.

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