Thursday, 6 October 2011

USAID invites grant applications from Peruvian local organizations to promote a culture of ethical behavior and civic responsibility among youth, teachers and parents

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has issued a request for applications seeking proposals from eligible Peruvian local organizations (nongovernmental) for funding to support a program entitled Ethical Schools.

Effectively tackling illicit activities in Peru, like corruption, illegal use of natural resources, and coca cultivation, involves efforts on many fronts. One front that is often overlooked is the role of culture and the importance of instilling, at an early age, social norms and ethical behavior that will contribute to the development of a citizenry with a strong ethical framework for decision-making and social action.

The overall objective of the Project is to promote a culture of ethical behavior and civic responsibility among youth, teachers and parents, and to explore the way in which this may contribute to a reduction in corruption and other forms of illicit activity like coca cultivation and illegal environmental degradation. This Project should work with the GOP to assist teachers (new and in-service) to equip youth in Lima, San Martin, and Ucayali with ethical decision-making skills based on reasoning and critical thinking. The Project should involve parents and regional and local authorities to secure their support for and ownership of the Project.

Specific Objectives
(1) Education policies that incorporate ethics and instill ethical decision-making skills in primary school students developed and/or strengthened;
(2) Teachers trained in how to integrate ethics into their classrooms, lessons, and teaching methodology; and (3) Regional authorities and school networks in target regions successfully support and accompany newly trained teachers to carry out ethics education and promote the development of “Ethical Schools.”

The achievement of these three objectives should contribute to the formation of “Ethical Schools,” where students learn how to think critically and make decisions based on ethics, and teachers and school administrators model ethical behavior in all aspects of their work.

Geographic Focus and Coverage
This Project will be implemented in three regions: (1) Lima; (2) San Martín; and (3) Ucayali. Lima often pilots initiatives and sets standards for the rest of the country. San Martín and Ucayali are USAID focus regions. At this time, USAID cannot fund projects outside of this geographical focus.

Funding size
Subject to the availability of funds, USAID intends to provide one award of approximately $1,500,000.00 to be allocated over a three year period.

Last date for submission of application is October 18, 2011

For more information and details, visit this link and search by Funding Opportunity Number RFA-527-11-00000

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