Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Call for applications: Danish Culture Fund

Sarakasi , which is the contracted consultant responsible for monitoring, evaluation and disbursement of cultural funds on behalf of the Danish Embassy, invites applications for the culture fund that aims to help artists in Kenya and Denmark, and establish a cultural exchange program between them.

For the last few years, the Danish Embassy has been receiving requests artists from Kenya and Denmark, to help them promote their art, and organize exhibitions. Thus, the Embassy is taking all the required steps to promote the spirit of art and culture in both the countries. It aims to work with Kenyan and Danish performing artists and cultural organizations, with the intention of promoting cultural exchange between the artists, arts groups and cultural organizations. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark has always felt the need to build stronger communication between Kenya and Denmark, and the fund will help to meet this need.

The fund will be utilized to aid projects that would help artists, art groups or organizations, establish cultural exchange between the artists of Kenya and Denmark, and create public diplomacy and communication through cultural activities.

The main aim of the project is to support and promote cultural exchange and collaboration between Kenyan and Danish artists, and to make Kenyans more aware of the Danish culture, by organizing cultural activities. It also aims to make use of cultural activities to promote public diplomacy and create a useful and profitable network among the artists of the two countries.
Aspirants can submit their application, keeping in view that the grant requested by them should not exceed Kshs 1,400,000. Local groups or individuals, who wish to benefit by the grant can fill and submit the application form.

In order to apply, the candidates will have to make sure that the project proposed by them is based on cultural exchange between Denmark and Kenya. Moreover, it should be innovative and creative.  Sarakasi will be reviewing and approving the applications.

The duration of the project should not exceed more than one and a half years.The candidates will have to write a descriptive and financial report, at the completion of the project. This report will have to be submitted within 3 months of the completion of the project. Moreover, the candidates will have to sign an agreement with the Danish Embassy.

Applications are available from 1st October 2011.

For more information about the application form and process, visit this link.

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