Sunday, 23 October 2011

Call for Proposals

Joint Collaboration Development Awards under UK-NSTDA Researcher Mobility Scheme

Thailand National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and The British High Commission in Singapore have made Call for Proposals to promote and strengthen the beginning of new collaborations between researchers of UK and Thailand. The researchers who are involved in the following fields are eligible:
  • Natural products (discovery of new natural products from microbial sources, fungi and marine organisms)
  • Infectious diseases (malaria and dengue)
  • Renewable energy (biofuels)
  • Food safety and security (food borne diseases, biosensors)
  • Nanotechnology (nanomedicine)
The main purpose of these funds is to initiate and promote new collaborations between the researchers of UK and NSTDA. The funds will facilitate visits to researchers in the same fields in UK/NSTDA. It can also be utilized to develop and promote joint collaborations. However, the fund will not support existing collaborations or any research project.

Joint Collaboration Development Awards – UK-Thailand Researcher Mobility Scheme 2 is an attempt on the part of the British High Commission in Singapore and NSTDA, Thailand to propagate the UK-Thailand Partners in Science Program. This program was initiated by the British High Commission in Singapore in collaboration with NSTDA; the program helped to organize a series of workshops in Thailand.

The awards will be presented to scientists and engineers in the UK and scientists in NSTDA Thailand, in order to promote joint collaboration between them. The awards will cover the cost of travel and subsistence from Thailand to the UK and vice versa. Applicants may request for funds required to spend time in the UK/Thailand, visit laboratories, or to discuss specific projects with universities or other organizations. The awards will amount to a total of 125,000 THB (about £2,600) per visit. The funds will cover the cost of economy class airfares, hotel room, subsistence in the UK/Thailand (at rates specified), travel within the UK/Thailand and visa costs if necessary.
The last date to submit claim forms/invoices/receipts for reimbursement of costs approved under these awards to NSTDA is March 25, 2012.

NSTDA researchers and UK researchers from Universities, Polytechnics and Research Institutes are eligible to apply. The proposal should include an action plan providing details of the main activities, a visit timetable and potential future submissions to funding bodies. Each applicant who receives the award will have to write a short report of 2-3 pages, within one month of the visit. The report should clearly describe the result and outcome of the visit.

The last date for submitting the applications is October 31, 2011. The results will be declared in December 2011.

For further information, visit this link.

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