Thursday, 6 October 2011

infoDev Seeks Expressions of Interest from Organizations for Establishing a Climate Innovation Center in Kenya

infoDev, a program started by World Bank in association with DANIDA and UKAid, is currently seeking expressions of interest (EOI) from interested organizations for establishing and operating a Climate Innovation Center (CIC) in Kenya. The main objective behind establishing this CIC is to provide a country-driven approach to climate change and support the local government in the Greening Kenya Initiative.

Description of the Opportunity
The CIC will be designed and operated in accordance with the business plan already established for the Center through an extensive stakeholder engagement process. The business plan should be reviewed carefully before submitting an EOI and is available here. Bidders nonetheless are not bound to the specifics of this plan and infoDev is not obligated to launch a CIC in strict adherence to this plan.

Proposed Services of CIC
Advisory Services
        Proof of Concept Financing
        Enabling Ecosystem
        Access to Information
        Access to Facilities

Submitting Expressions of Interest
infoDev now invites eligible organizations (e.g. firms, NGOs, universities, research institutes, government agencies) or consortiums to submit EOIs. The selected organization or consortium will be responsible for all aspects of the CIC establishment and operations including securing appropriate facilities, identifying a world-class management team, providing the services and programs described in the business plan, ensuring effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of programs, reporting to infoDev, and ensuring in all ways the long-term sustainability of the CIC.

Evaluation Criteria
        Capabilities to build and manage complex organizations, including strong internal governance frameworks and a track record of fiduciary responsibility and accountability.
        Proven ability to attract and build a strong team of individuals for project implementation.
        Understanding of the needs of climate technology SMEs in Kenya or similar contexts, including experience evaluating climate technologies and incubating early-stage businesses.
        Strong local and international links with potential partners including climate technology firms, investors, technical and business experts, policy experts, and leading research and development organizations.
        Ability to leverage existing and additional sources of funding, both cash and in-kind, such as space, equipment, and staff.
        Ability to implement and maintain procurement and financial management processes and a comprehensive M&E strategy.
        Based on responses to this request for EOI, a shortlist of applicants will be established and invited to submit a full technical and financial proposal based on a detailed request for proposals.

Last date for submitting the applications is October 24, 2011.

For more information and details, you can visit this link.

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