Thursday, 6 October 2011

International Council of Science invites research proposals for Grant Program 2012

The grants provided by International Council of Science (ICSU) aim to strengthen collaborative scientific initiatives of relevance to science and society. The ICSU grant program is a peer-reviewed program for ICSU Scientific Unions and Interdisciplinary Bodies. It is expected that proposals submitted focus on strategic priorities of ICSU and are international and multidisciplinary in nature.

ICSU is currently seeking innovative proposals that (i) actively involve the ICSU Regional Offices, (ii) promote the involvement of young scientists, women scientists, and scientists from developing countries, and/or (iii) forge new partnerships between Organizations that do not routinely collaborate.

The total funding available for the Grants Program in 2012 is Euro 280,000 and a ceiling of Euro 30,000 is imposed on all applications.

Priority Areas
-     Science and Technology for Sustainable Development
       ICSU promotes the advancement of science in support of sustainable development. Proposals should address, inter alia, issues such as water, energy, health, agriculture and biodiversity and other issues that address the linked environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainable development.

-     Capacity Building and Science Education
       ICSU promotes activities in support of capacity building and science education, especially for developing countries, and in broadening outreach to teachers and young scientists.

-     Science/Policy Interface
       Proposals that address the need for dialogue between science and policy communities are encouraged. Proposals for review or assessment of scientific knowledge necessary for policy formulation are also welcome.

-     Dissemination of Data and / or Information from Science and Technology
       ICSU plays a leading role in addressing issues related to the dissemination of scientific data and information for the advancement of research and education. Proposals should address, inter alia, issues such as data access, intellectual property rights, and the impact of recent developments in information technologies.

-     Emerging Science – Creation of New Knowledge
ICSU continues to be committed to the advancement of the frontiers of science. Proposals for innovative endeavours to develop initiatives exploring new frontiers of science at the interface between different disciplines are encouraged.

Review Criteria and Selection Process
Proposals will be reviewed in terms of scientific merit, relevance to the ICSU Strategic Plan and the priorities of the ICSU Regional Offices, innovative nature, interdisciplinary and international focus, broad participation, visible and measurable outputs, and potential for developing follow-on activities. For projects involving ICSU Regional Offices, meaningful engagement with these offices from the outset is emphasized.

Applicants must provide sufficient information on how the proposed objectives will be effectively achieved within the financial resources available. A number of proposals have been unsuccessful in the past because they have not included an adequate work plan.

Last date for submitting the proposals is November 1, 2011.

For more information and details, you can visit this link.

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