Thursday, 20 October 2011

Call for Consultancy: Preparation of an Article to appear in the Publication “Gender Equality in New Aid Modalities”

Consultants are invited for short-term consultancy to write an article to be published in “Gender Equality in New Aid Modalities.” This consultancy will be a part of the project “Supporting the monitoring of aid effectiveness from a gender perspective” financed by the Government of Spain.

The Paris Declaration and Accra Agenda for Action had made some suggestions regarding the incorporation of gender equality into the new age modalities. However, the above mentioned project has revealed that very few publications are addressing the issue of implementation of gender equality in new age modalities. Though some publications deal with particular subcategories, like gender-responsive-budgeting and specific sector-wide-approaches, there are very few publications that are dedicated completely to the aforementioned issue.

UN Women, a branch of the United Nations, was founded to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women. The organization that was established in 2011 is supporting the cause of women worldwide. It also ensures that under-recognized and under-resourced issues are given proper attention. The organization wishes to know more about the various models, theories, experiences and perspectives related to the achievement of gender equality through new aid modalities. It will be publishing a series of articles that discuss gender equality in new aid modalities. These articles will be written by experts on nine different topics.

The publication will incorporate the articles written by experts from various countries, thereby presenting a global perspective on the issue of gender equality in new age modalities. This consolidated product will be published in will be published in English, French and Spanish, and will also be available electronically on the UN Women website.

Consultants are required to submit one article written in English, French, or Spanish on any of the above-mentioned topics. The article should have at least 4,500 words (excluding footnotes and bibliography) but it should not exceed 5,500 words (excluding footnotes and bibliography).
Once the application of the consultant is approved, he/she will have to sign a contract. Within a week of signing the contract, the consultant will have to send an outline of the article, which will be revised and commented upon by UN Women. The consultant will submit a draft of the article, three weeks after signing the contract. The consultant will be required to make revisions to the article, according to the comments and suggestions made by UN Women.

Six weeks after signing the contract, the consultant will submit the final product.

Last date to receive the applications is October 20, 2011. For more information, visit this link.

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