Thursday, 21 April 2011


is a private foundation that supports the creation and presentation of contemporary work in the fields of visual art, performing art, new media, literary art, architecture and design. LEF is committed to providing support for provocative and innovative projects, and seeks to identify and promote creative ventures and to sponsor work that challenges its audience with new ways of perceiving the world. LEF is particularly interested in projects that demonstrate an awareness of the relationship between the work and its site. It is also interested in projects representing a convergence of disciplines, and those that are interdisciplinary, or collaborative in format. LEF Foundation operates within two regional areas: California and New England. Each region has unique areas of interest and funding priorities. Please refer to the specific guidelines for the region from which you are applying. For projects in occurring outside of these two regions, please contact the main office in California.

Contact: Marina Drummer, Grants Administrator, LEF Foundation, 1095 Lodi Ln.
Saint Helena, CA 94574

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