Friday, 17 August 2012

The Robert Carr civil society Network Fund First Call for Proposals

The Robert Carr civil society Network Fund has has announced a new funding opportunity for civil society organizations and community networks. This is the first Request for Proposals launched by this fund. It seeks to support NGOs, CBOs and other charitable organizations which have a focus on HIV/AIDS and directly related issues.
Organizations eligible to apply are:
  • Global networks, regional networks and alliances of networks (a combination of global and regional, or otherwise) that:
  • Are non-profit organizations (e.g., NGOs, CBOs, and other charitable organizations);
  • Focus in their work on HIV/AIDS and directly related issues (75% of activities and spending); and
  • Have strong management and leadership, and have the capacity to carry out the proposed activities, monitor contribution to outcomes within an agreed results framework, and to effectively manage the requested grant.
Global and regional civil society and community networks can apply for a grant to support corefunding and/or programmatic needs of the network for up to three years, depending on review of performance after one year against a results framework and availability of funds. Only one application may be submitted per organization. Proposals must clearly demonstrate how support will enable the network to contribute to the identified outcomes and how they will track relevant indicators. It is expected that additional proposals for new activities or scale up can be submitted in subsequent years. These submissions will be subject to competitive review.

Applicants must clearly demonstrate how core support and program funding will contribute to achieving defined outcomes, and how progress will be monitored. Applicants are encouraged to seek the establishment of relevant collaboration, synergies or division of labor with other global and/or regional networks, as well as with those at national level, as appropriate. Applications from individual global and regional networks organizations are also welcome and will be reviewed with careful attention given to the distinction between these two types of organizations (global or regional).

All proposals must be received by 1 September, 2012. No applications will be considered after this date. For more information, visit this link.

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