Sunday, 5 May 2013

Call for proposals: Civil society in Portugal

Deadline- 1 July 2013

EEA and Norway Grants are inviting applications to strengthen civil society’s role in Portugal. The major goal of this program is to strengthen the development of civil society and enhance its contribution to social justice, democracy and sustainable development. Three priorities areas are as follows-

    Participation of NGOs in the implementation of public policy design and instruments at the local, regional and national levels
    Active role in human rights, minorities and anti‐discrimination
    Effectiveness of NGO action

Eligibility & Criteria-

    Portuguese Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), i.e. non-profit, voluntary, private legal entities, may apply if they-

    are legally established
    pursue the general interest or common good
    are independent from local, regional or national authorities and other public or socio-professional or business organizations
    are not party organizations or political parties
    are not religious organizations

    Partner entities, which may be entities from Portugal or from either Donor or or Beneficiary countries, must comply with the general conditions of eligibility of the Programme established in article 15 of the Rules of the Programme.
    In order to apply for ‘large projects’ it is also necessary that the NGO has been created and registered for more than one year before the date of application.
    Each project promoter may submit only one application per field of intervention, whether for large or small projects.
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