Monday, 24 June 2013

Open Society Foundations Worldwide Fund for Leadership Transitions in Nonprofits

The Open Society Foundations’ new fund seeks to support a new generation of leaders around the world can implement their initiatives. Nonprofit organizations face challenges when new leaders take over them. As transition takes places, new leaders have to cope with internal limitations and a lack of resources.

This new fund seeks to give new leaders the discretionary support to implement the ideas that got them hired in the first place. It is the only available support of its kind for nonprofit leaders at the outset of their tenure.

The Open Society Foundations are committed to supporting a new generation of civil society leaders as part of their efforts to strengthen the nonprofit sector worldwide. The New Executives Fund will support executive directors and chief executive officers who have the potential to be leaders in fields that are central to Open Society’s mission.

The Open Society Foundations have long made individual decisions to support new directors, including directors at the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the PEN American Center this year. The New Executives Fund expands this kind of support, making it a regular part of how Open Society is helping to build a new generation of nonprofit leadership.

The inaugural cohort of the fund includes leaders from around the globe whose organizations are advancing a range of human rights and social justice issues. Organizations will receive a two-year grant, which will be allocated at the executive director’s discretion.
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