Monday, 24 June 2013

Apply for a grant from The Veolia Environnement Foundation

Deadline: 30 June 2013

The Veolia Environnement Foundation is a leading private-sector foundation in France that supports non-profit community-oriented projects contributing to outreach, workforce development and environmental conservation, in France and internationally.

It is unique in that every project that it supports is accompanied by a sponsor, who is a Company employee, and in that it provides the expertise of employee volunteers, joined together in Veoliaforce, in the areas of emergency aid and development.

The Foundation focuses on three priority areas

    Humanitarian emergencies and development aid
    Social cohesion and job counseling
    Environmental conservation and biodiversity protection

If you have a project  that may be aligned with the mission and priorities of the Veolia Environnement Foundation, then you can apply for a grant.

Selection criteria

Project leaders

Project leaders are generally international outreach organizations, associations, non-profit entities (e.g. workforce development agencies) or institutions. The Foundation does not support grants for projects that are personally led by a Company employee.

Nature of the projects

The Foundation acts within the framework of corporate patronage. The project supported must be community-oriented, non-profit initiatives, fitting into the following action areas:

    Humanitarian crises and development aid,
    Social cohesion and job counseling,
    Environmental conservation and biodiversity protection.
    Unlike sponsorship or sponsoring operations, no commercial gain is sought in return for the financial assistance granted.

Employee involvement

The Foundation only supports projects that are sponsored by a Veolia Environnement employee. Before submitting his project, the project leader has to find a company employee who agrees to become the sponsor of the project. Finding a sponsor is indispensable, and is the project leaders responsibility, not the foundation’s.

The employees offer the project leader their time and know how for successful implementation of the project.

Project assessment and feasibility

The Foundation ensures that project leaders provide a clear description of how they will use the grant for which they have applied, including information about the targets to be met and indicators to assess the impact of the grant provided.
The Foundation pays close attention to the technical and financial feasibility of each project, the experience of the project leader and the quality of the partners. It gives priority to projects that are original, set an example and can be replicated.

Nature and amount of the grant

The Foundation considers all requests, regardless of scale. There is no maximum or minimum limit to the grant amount, although it cannot exceed 50% of the budget dedicated to the entire project. The grant is intended to supplement public and private subsidies or grants as well as the existing resources of the entity requesting it. The Foundation’s aim is to give project leaders additional leverage, with grants intended primarily to cover investment expenditures, whether tangible or intangible, other than operating expenses.

For more information, visit this link.

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