Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Global Development Network’s Global Research Competition

Deadline: 20 September 2013

The Global Development Network (GDN) invites researchers from developing countries and transition economies and best performing researchers from Regional Research Competitions (RRCs) to submit research proposals for its second round of the Global Research Competition (GRC) 2013.

The GRC is a competitive grant program under GDN’s Global Research Capacity Building Program. In this annual competition, social science researchers from developing countries and transition economies are invited to team up with researchers from around the world on collaborative interregional or cross-country research projects. The competition is inter-regional/cross-country both in terms of its analytic scope and team composition.

The research themes for the 2013 round of the GRC are:

    Theme 1: Inclusive and Sustainable Growth
    Theme 2: Food Security
    Theme 3: Political, Economic and Social Transformations

    Researchers from developing and transition countries: The GRC is open only to researchers from developing countries and transition economies (interested in interregional or cross-country research collaboration), with the requirement that they need to be citizens and current residents of any of these countries. For e.g. an Angolan residing in Chile is eligible to apply. The applicants can be asked to submit proof of their citizenship and residency through documents with legal standing, at any point during the competition.
        Please note that all personal information details as provided in the application (and CV) should be factually correct, else the application will be liable for disqualification. Any missing details may be asked to be provided.
        Inter-regional or cross-country team composition:
        Individual researchers: from developing and transition countries, seeking support in finding fellow researchers (with similar research thematic interest) to form eligible inter-regional or cross-country teams can apply for the competition. GDN will provide support to all individual applicants in finding peers for collaboration.
        Team applicants: pre-formed inter-regional or cross-country teams are encouraged to apply for the competition.
        Please note that in the selection process, only applications from eligible teams will be considered, so all applicants must eventually form inter-regional or cross-country teams i.e. include members from and research on, more than one developing country/region. For more information, please refer to the application process below.
        The teams may include at least two members and up to four.
        Applicants may collaborate with other applicants from same or different subdisciplines of social sciences.
        An individual may only be part of one team. Multiple collaborations will not be considered.
        The upper age limit for an applicant is 45 years as of 15 June, 2013.
        The average age of the entire team must be below 40 years as of 15 June, 2013.
        Researchers (especially, female researchers) below the age of 35 years (as of 15 June, 2013) are strongly encouraged to apply.
    Expression of Interest (EOI) submission: Teams can submit only one EOI under only one theme.
        All team members must contribute equally to the research, at all stages. This should be clearly reflected in the Proposal.
    Global Training Workshop: Research teams with most innovative and interesting EOIs will be invited to attend a Global Training Workshop before the final selection of grant recipients. Shortlisted teams with more than two researchers must nominate any two researchers (from two different countries/regions) to attend the workshop.
    Call for Proposals (CFP): All eligible inter-regional or cross-country teams (including those that are not invited to attend the Global Training Workshop) can submit their full research proposals.

For more information, visit this link.

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