Tuesday, 7 January 2014

USAID/Lebanon University Scholarship Program 2014

Deadline: 4 February 2014

USAID/Lebanon is accepting applications from full undergraduate scholarships for Lebanese public school graduates for University Scholarship Program (USP) 2014. The University Scholarship Program aims at enabling meritorious and financially disadvantaged Lebanese public school graduates to access quality higher education to increase their job readiness and maximize their potential in supporting Lebanon’s democratic and economic development. This scholarship program will offer full scholarship coverage to assist male and female public-school graduates to pursue undergraduate studies at American-accredited universities.

The scholarship covers full educational costs including a housing/transportation allowance, when needed, and stipends to attend American style universities that promote critical thinking, freedom, diversity and respect.

Eligibility Criteria –

    Lebanese graduates from an in-country Lebanese public school who will earn their BACC-II during the year of recruitment under the program; and candidates pursuing a technical baccalaureate path with high financial need are eligible to apply.
    Applicants must demonstrate that they have been enrolled at a public school for at least the last three years of their secondary education.
    Applicant must demonstrate the potential for leadership and civic engagement by listing in details the activities they engage in and the names of organizations and associations they volunteer with or work at in their communities.
    Applicants must provide in their application a detailed account of the majors that will be offered under the program along with a rationale for their choice including, at minimum, statistics relevant to the proposed major such as market survey or alumni survey.

For more information, please visit grants.gov and search by funding opportunity number SOL-268-14-000001

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