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Japan Fund for Global Environment – Grant Program for NGOs

The Japan Fund for Global Environment has been supporting various environmental conservation projects in and outside Japan from the time of its establishment in 1993. With a broader objective to develop national movements to protect the global environment, JFGE aims to support the NGO projects for environmental conservation in developing regions with immediate needs; strengthen Japan’s involvement in global environmental conservation; and to offer people from different fields and classes a chance as a Global Citizen, to participate actively in environmental NGO projects or to contribute money to support environmental NGO projects.

JFGE is supported by government’s endowment, individual donation and corporate contributions and has two main programs – Grant Program and NGO Support Program. The grant program shall be of one year duration and the support covers the expenses required for the execution of the proposed project.

Eligible Projects for JFGE Grant Program –

    Projects that contribute to human welfare through environmental conservation and securing a healthy and cultural life for all individuals are eligible for JFGE Grant.
    Non-government, not-for-profit organizations that conduct training or any other tools/methods for local afforestation projects, projects to support the protection and propagation of wildlife, projects to prevent pollution arising from daily activities or other similar projects, to be carried out in developing regions with the participation of the local communities are eligible to receive JFGE Grant.
    Non-government, not-for-profit organizations that conduct research or hold international conference to promote environmental conservation activities as mentioned in the above point, are also eligible for JFGE Grant.
    Projects in developing regions must enlist the participation of local residents and NGOs, and must be in response to a request by local residents or NGOs. In addition, projects in Japan must enlist the participation of a large range of people and be meaningful to the average citizen.
Application Procedure for Non-government organizations to apply for Japan Fund for Global Environment Grant Project is listed as follows –

    Organizations applying for the JFGE Grant should submit the ‘JFGE Grant Application Form’ to the Informal approval and notification of Granted projects – President of Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency of Japan (ERCA) within the specified period.
    The applicants will receive ‘Notification on Informal Approval of JFGE Grant’ from the President after (her/his) reviewing and examining; selecting of the projects to be granted and determining the amount of the grant on an informal basis.
    Now the applicants should submit a ‘Letter of Consent for the JFGE Grant’  to the President within the period decided by her/him.
    Applicant will receive the ‘Notification of JFGE Grant Approval’ from the president after his/her reviewing the letter and approving the implementation of the grant. The President may decide on the provision of the grant after modifying any part of the Application or setting certain additional conditions.
    Upon receipt of the notification, the applicant who intends to withdraw the grant can submit ‘Letter of Withdrawal of Application from JFGE Grant’ within the period specified by the President. Upon receipt of the Letter of Withdrawal, the approval made on the grant related to the subject Application shall be considered as non-existent.
    Any grant recipient organization that wants to change any part of the contents of the granted project (excepting minor modifications) shall submit an ‘Application Form for Approval of Change in the JFGE-Granted Project’ to the President to obtain his or her approval in advance. When giving an approval the President may modify the contents of the grant approval or specify certain conditions to the grant, if deemed necessary.
    When a grant recipient organization intends to suspend or discontinue a granted project, it must submit an ‘Application Form for Approval of Suspension or Discontinuation of JFGE-Granted Project’ to the President and obtain his/her approval in advance. The president shall have the report reviewed and will inform organizations with a notifications when he/she will approve cancellation or abandon the JFGE-granted project. When the report ceased as a part, submit a ‘Letter of Confirmation for Approval of Suspension of Discontinuation of JFGE-Granted project’.
    In the event that a grant recipient organization expects to be unable or to have difficulty completing a project within the planned period, the organization must immediately notify the President to this effect and ask for direction.
    Grant recipient organization shall submit a ‘JFGE Grant Payment Request’ to the President within the designated period when requesting payment of grant money.
    Grant recipient organization shall submit an ‘Achievement Report on JFGE Granted Project’ upon completion of a granted project to the President within one month from the date (of completion, termination or cancellation) or April 10 of the ensuing fiscal year, whichever is earlier.
    Upon receipt of the achievement report the President shall have the report reviewed, and if the achieved results of the granted project are in conformance with the specified conditions of approval for the grant, confirm the amount of grant money to be paid, and notify the grant recipient organization of the amount with the ‘Letter of Confirmation’ of Approved Amount of Funding.

For more information on Application procedure, please visit How to make Application page.
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