Monday, 10 March 2014

Nominate Journalists for Cabot Prize by Columbia Journalism School

Deadline: 16 March 2014

Columbia Journalism School is seeking nominations of journalists for Maria Moors Cabot Prizes. The major purpose of the prize is to recognize the journalists who has done exceptional and courageous reporting that impacts society, and evidence of commitment to important stories over the course of a long and distinguished career has greater chance to be recognized.

Journalists and news organizations that have made a sustained contribution to Inter-American understanding through their coverage of the Americas; and journalists who have taken active roles in upholding freedom of the press in the Americas are the potential winners of Cabot Prize.

Eligibility Criteria –

•Any journalist and/or news executive who works for any news organization based in the Western Hemisphere or any press association, news service or syndicate that serves such an organization; other individuals, including freelance journalists, with a long record of reporting on the region; all media, including Internet publications can be the nominee.
•All materials should be formatted and uploaded as PDFs. Supporting multimedia presentations can be sent on CD or DVD.

Nominations must be signed by the person submitting it. Materials required are – nominee’s biography and/or curriculum vitae,  statement describing how the nominee has contributed towards international understanding in the Western Hemisphere, at least five but no more than ten (without prior authorization) newspaper or magazine articles, television or radio programs or Internet stories that are representative of the nominee’s work, two copies of each book submitted for consideration (if applicable), and two copies of each CD or DVD for multimedia presentation. Along with this, two to three letters from third parties that explain why the nominee is especially deserving of the prize will be supportive.
For more information, please visit Cabot Prize page.

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