Sunday, 27 April 2014

AGFUND: Human Development Projects Grant for NGOs & Individuals

Deadline: 31 May 2014

The Arab Gulf Program for Development (AGFUND) – a funding organization based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia works mainly in the field of development and growth at the international level through an effective partnership with the United Nations Organization, with regional and national development organizations, with public institutions, with the private sector, as well as with organizations of the civil society. Its major grant program is the AGFUND International Prize for Pioneering Human Development Projects.

The Prize has been set up with the aim of inciting and encouraging innovation and creativity in the areas of human development. The idea of the Prize was stemmed from AGFUND’s approach to enhance development performance and support key development projects in order to achieve the goal of sustainability and investment in people.

This year (2014), the prize will be offered in the field of “Marketing of Home Products.”

AGFUND invites the UN, International and regional organizations, ministries and public institutions, NGOs, universities and research centers and experts in the field all over the world to submit their nominations for the Prize, which is worth US $ 500,000 allocated for its four categories.

The Prize has four categories:


The role of UN and international organizations in supporting the developing countries’ programs through marketing of homemade products (For projects implemented by UN, international or regional organizations).


The role of NGOs in marketing of homemade products (For projects implemented by national NGOs).


The role of governmental and public institutions in setting up policies and programs that are supportive to homemade products (For projects implemented by ministries and public institutions).


Individual-led initiatives for empowerment of woman through marketing of homemade products (For projects initiated, sponsored and/or implemented by individuals).

For more information, visit this link.

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