Tuesday, 10 May 2011

AGFUND International Prize for Pioneering Human Development Projects

The Arab Gulf Program for Development (AGFUND) based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is regional developmental funding organization that works with UN agencies, international organizations and local NGOs around the world for the sustainability of human development and poverty alleviation. It annually offers the AGFUND International Prize with the aim of inciting and encouraging innovation and creativity in the areas of human development.

The Prize identifies successful human developmental projects, provide them with substantial funding and disseminate their best practices and innovation to replicate in other areas. It has a particular focus on supporting projects that improve the living conditions of vulnerable groups, particularly women and children in developing countries and covers a range of issues such as poverty, social exclusion, socio-economic marginalization, education and health.

There are four categories under the Prize carrying a total cash award of US $500,000.
First Category is for organizations in supporting the developing countries’ national policies and programs for empowering youth through entrepreneurships and job opportunities (for projects implemented by UN, international or regional organizations). This category carries an award of US $ 200,000.

Second Category is for NGOs-led efforts to empowering youth through entrepreneurships and job opportunities (for projects implemented by national NGOs). Selected projects receive cash award of US $100,000.

Third Category is for the governmental bodies’ efforts in adoption of pioneering entrepreneurships for empowering youth and increasing their job opportunities (for projects by government ministries and public institutions). Cash award is US $100,000.

Fourth Category is for individual-led efforts to empowering youth through entrepreneurships and job opportunities. (For projects initiated, sponsored and/or implemented by individuals). Cash award is US $50,000.

Only nominations are accepted (self-nominations not accepted). The nominator should be an agency or a qualified expert who is thoroughly aware of the project, in terms of design, objectives, target beneficiaries, funding, implementation and successful impact. The nomination form can be downloaded from the AGFUND website. Submissions can be made online or by sending the hardcopy.

The deadline to make the nominations is 31 May 2011. For more information, visit this link.

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