Wednesday, 9 November 2011

PAHO invites Entries for Best Practices in Gender and Health Contest from Organizations in the Americas

Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is currently seeking applications for the V Competition of Best Practices that Incorporate a Gender Equality Perspective in Health.
PAHO is an agency working to improve health standards of the people living in countries of the Americas for the past 100 years. This international health agency serves as the specialized organization in the Inter-American System. PAHO has been organizing the Best Practices in Gender and Health Contest since 2008 to recognize best practices that promote gender equality in the American region.


The current competition aims to identify best practices addressing men and women needs and opportunities in health. In particular, the competition wants to identify best practices that evidence efforts and strategies undertaken to transform the attitudes of health care providers, men and women to improve their opportunities to enjoy an optimal health.

Best Practices

Best practices are examples of processes and/or initiatives, such as services, campaigns or innovative experiences which have yielded positive results and demonstrated effectiveness. A best practice can be a referent, an example, or a standard that makes it possible to improve the lives of men and women.
Specific criteria:
  • A best practice with a gender equality perspective in health fulfils the following criteria:
  • It leads to a real change in inequalities, relations between men and women, as well as in the attitudes of the people and institutions involved.
  • The practice generates sustainable processes in the medium and long-term capacity building, leadership abilities, and equitable distribution of opportunities and benefits for women and men.
  • It demonstrates a capacity to respond to the differential needs and interests identified by women and men.
  • It is based on evidence that demonstrates inequalities between men and women in their health status, contributions and access to resources.
  • It has an evident and measurable impact on public policies, existing legislation, allocation of resources, public opinion, and accountability.
  • It has an innovative approach in addressing health issues.
  • It has a multiplier effect; showing evidence that key actors have been trained in other contexts on the incorporation of gender perspectives in health.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • Public or private sector organizations; health ministries, education, national women’s organizations, civil society or academia groups can participate in the competition.
  • The best practice must be submitted by the organization, group or association that have designed and/or implemented them for at least 2 years.
  • Best practices implemented in any Latin American and the Caribbean country will be accepted.
  • The documentation of the best practice can be presented in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish.
Last date for submitting the entries is November 15, 2011.
For more information, visit this link.

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