Sunday, 20 November 2011

The United Nations Democracy Fund Sixth Round of Funding for NGOs

The United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) is now open to accepting project proposals for its Sixth Round of Funding from NGOs working for the promotion of democracy, civil society empowerment, including empowerment of women, civic education and voter registration, citizen’s access to information, participation rights and the rule of law in support of civil society and transparency and integrity.

NGOs, civil society organizations, independent and constitutional bodies and global and regional inter-government bodies, organizations and associations (other than the United Nations) are eligible to apply for this funding opportunity.

Among these, NGOs and civil society organizations are expected to receive the bulk of funding. Besides, UNDEF allocates 70% of its programmable resources in each funding round for projects that take place in one country while the rest of the 30% is for global/regional projects. This means that local NGOs have better chances of receiving grants for their projects than international organizations working in different regions.

UNDEF provides grants for a period of two years. Although grants will not necessarily match the full amounts applied for, applicant organizations can request a minimum funding of US $50,000. Grant allocations for a project will not exceed $500,000 but the majority of projects are granted no more than $250,000.

Applicants from all countries can submit project proposals, but UNDEF will give strong preference to proposals submitted from countries and regions where the challenges of democracy are more critical, such as countries emerging from conflict, new and restored democracies, the Least Developed Countries, Low Income Countries and Middle Income Countries.

Project proposals have to be submitted online through the UNDEF website. This online application system called “Online Project Proposal System” (OPPS) will open from 15 November 2011 onwards. The OPPS has the preset proposal format that needs to be filled online. A sample format has been made available offline for applicants to work on their proposals. Proposals can be submitted in English or French.

The deadline to submit proposals is 31 December 2011. For more information, visit this link.

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