Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Video Documentary Competition on Transnational Organized Crime and Corruption

The Associazione Ilaria Alpi, FLARE Network, and Novaja Gazeta are currently inviting applications for the competition for production of two investigative journalistic video documentaries on the issues of transnational organised crime and corruption. The organizers, through this competition, aim to promote the circulation of information about organised crime and to encourage and support journalists’ initiatives to analyse a phenomenon which now has international significance and deep local roots.

Award Provisions
The two finalists receive a € 2.000 fund each. The final winner will receive an additional € 2.000 prize.

Suggested Topics

Some of the relevant issues for the video inquiry may include, but are not limited to: corruption, fraud, cyber-crime, drug trafficking, human trafficking (women, children, men, organs), environmental crimes, money laundering, smuggling, energy policies, sport match-fixing, illicit calls for tenders.

Terms and Conditions

  • Priority will be given to projects which address an issue with a transnational approach (e.g. national phenomena characterized by components from other countries). There are no geographical limits. Participants are free to propose projects in any geographical area of the world.
  • Authors need to be minimum two and have to be from at least two different countries.
  • The narrative method of the investigation is at the author’s discretion (documentary, narration, interviews, historical reports, animation, etc.)
  • Projects must be designed to produce videos of a duration between 5 and 25 minutes (maximum length) in formats such as minidv, dvcam, dv, hd, hdv. Priority will be given to projects which last between 15 and 25 minutes.
  • The documentary will remain the property of the author(s), but the organisers reserve the right to transmit it across their own sites and the sites of third party assignees. Narration or subtitles in the English language is obligatory and must also include in the wording “Best International Organised Crime Report – With the contribution of FLARE Network, Novaja Gazeta and Ilaria Alpi Television Journalism Award”.
  • The Jury, composed by representatives of the organisers and the authors of the winner of the BIOCR 2011 will select two projects which will be allocated € 2,000 each. The judges’ decision is final and the allocation of the financial award mandates the production of the project (with a non-payment penalty provision) which must be completed by May 18, 2012. The amount will be allocated in two instalments: the first at the appointment of the four successful projects (March 1st, 2012) and the second one at the presentation of the project (June 2012).
  • The documentaries will be presented in preview to the public at the Premio Giornalistico Televisivo Ilaria Alpi (June 2012) whereby the best of the two investigations will be awarded the title of “Best International Organised Crime Report” and an additional prize of € 2.000. Winners may also be interested in transmission on national television and satellite: specific agreements will be determined separately.
Last date for submitting the applications is December 30, 2011.
For more information, visit this link.

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