Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Road Safety Fund seeks Grant Applications for Improving Road Safety Condition in Middle-Income and Low-Income Countries

The Road Safety Fund is the organization dedicated to support and encourage preventative measures that are proven to reduce the risk or severity of road injury. The Fund was established as a global fund to support the implementation of the United Nations’ Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020. The Fund gets donations from different companies, governments, philanthropies and the public and supports road injury prevention programmes in countries and communities working to defeat this growing epidemic of road death and injury. The Road Safety Fund believes in investing in the people and the skills that can provide sustainable paths to safety.

The Road Safety Fund is currently inviting applications under small grant program for projects with potential to improve road safety condition in middle-income and low-income countries. The Small Grants Programme is enabled with the generous support of Allianz, Bosch, Guinea Alumina, Innovate Solutions and Vinci Autoroutes Foundation. The fund is looking for projects that will make a demonstrable and sustainable contribution towards the achievement of the Goal of the Decade of Action: to save five million lives by 2020. The small grant funding is intended to enable and catalyse practical activity.

Grant Size

Up to a maximum of US$30,000 per project

Eligibility Criteria
To be considered for funding, applicants must:
1.  Be governmental or non-profit organisations with a track record in road injury prevention activities or related fields;
2.  Ensure project proposals:
  • are aligned with the Global Plan for the Decade of Action;
  • contribute to road injury reduction in middle-income and/or low income countries;
  • demonstrate a catalysing effect, for example by:
    • encouraging and enabling institutional capacity development including, where applicable, legislation and enforcement of road injury risk factors;
    • building sustainable national or local partnerships and campaigns to practically address specific road injury risk factors, e.g. seat belt, helmet or drink driving coalitions;
    • developing strategies to sustain activities over the medium and long term, for example by using the project to leverage additional public/private sector funding;
    • demonstrating potential transferability of your activity to other regions/countries;
  • include measurable outputs and objectives;
3.  Accept, understand and meet their obligations under the UK Bribery Act 2010;

Payment & Reporting

Grants will be paid in instalments. The first instalment will be paid on signing of the grant agreement. Any subsequent instalments will be paid upon receipt of satisfactory activity and expenditure reports, as required in the grant agreement.

Organisations and projects funded through the small grants programme will be communicated via the Road Safety Fund website and annual report, and any relevant ad hoc publications. Organisations in receipt of funding will be required to acknowledge the support of the Road Safety Fund in any communications relating to their project.

Last date for submitting the applications is January 31, 2012.
For more information, visit this link.

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