Tuesday, 24 January 2012

AusAid seeks Proposals for Community-based Climate Change Action Grants

AusAid is currently inviting proposals from Australian and international NGOs for the community-based climate change action grants, a funding scheme for NGOs to develop and implement community-based climate change responses in one or more Pacific Island countries or in a single country in South East Asia. Grant proposals can be submitted under any one of the two categories: Community-based adaptation grants and Community-based mitigation grants. While the adaptation grants are meant to focus on building the resilience of communities to the impacts of climate change, the mitigation grants will help communities reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions, while also addressing key development priorities.

  • increase the resilience of communities in developing countries to the unavoidable impacts of climate change;
  • reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions while also contributing to development priorities in the target communities;
Funding Available
Up to AUD$30 million in funding is available to non-government organizations though the Community-based Climate Change Action Grants.
Organization Eligibility Criteria
  • To be eligible for funding, organizations must comply with the following criteria:
  • The lead organization is an Australian or International NGO with knowledge and technical skills of relevance to community-based climate change adaptation and/or mitigation. Applications from organizations that have established working relationships with local partners are encouraged.
  • The organization(s) is accredited by AusAID and/or agrees to the Statement of International Development Practice Principles.
  • The organization(s) manages activities and relationships with other organizations in a way that reflects good practice in developing countries.
  • Applicant organizations must declare all other proposals or sources of funding (including Australian Government funding) that is related, or may impact, on the activity.
  • Consortia applications must be accompanied by a separate letter from each partner providing information about the organization, noting the relationship between the lead and partner organizations and intent to collaborate on the proposed activity.
Activity Eligibility
  • Proposed activities must be consistent with the Australian aid program’s strategic goals and development objectives, as outlined in An Effective Aid Program for Australia: Making a real difference – Delivering real results.
  • The proposed activities must comply with AusAID’s safeguards.
  • The proposed activity is to be implemented in one or more Pacific Island countries or in a single country in South East Asia.
  • Organizations proposing to run activities in Vietnam are eligible for mitigation funding for this grants program. However, adaptation proposals for other eligible countries can include a mitigation component.
  • Proposals for integrated adaptation and mitigation activities may be accepted for Vietnam. The proposals should clearly indicate the relative proportions of adaptation and mitigation components.
Last date for submitting the concept paper is February 10, 2012.
For more information, visit this link.
This grant is only for Australian or international organizations.

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