Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Commonwealth Foundation Call For Proposals to create an e-learning Course on Civic Education

The Commonwealth Foundation is currently inviting proposals from organizations with expertise in e-learning and adult education to apply to create an e-learning course on civic education for use across the Commonwealth.

This project will require the successful applicant to work closely with Commonwealth Foundation Civil Society program staff and global partners in creating and delivering e-learning modules which can be utilized in formal and non formal settings, in both urban and rural environments across the 54 countries of the Commonwealth.

Objectives of the Project
  • Translate a published civic education guide into an educational e-learning resource, which is interactive and engaging;
  • Develop modules which can be utilized both online and offline;
  • Can be updated, added to and modified as necessary by Commonwealth Foundation staff, (this may include the development of a short guide or training for staff on operating the system);
  • Work alongside the Commonwealth Foundation and partners to develop a course which has resonance across the Commonwealth countries.
Target Audience
  • National umbrella organizations
  • Training providers
  • Commonwealth Associations
Project Approach
It is expected that the organizations recruited will work in close collaboration and participation with the Foundation and with one another throughout the development and delivery of the end products.

The initial phase of this project will be the revision of the Civic Education Guide. The Commonwealth Foundation will recruit an organization, through a separate process, to undertake this work. The successful organization will analyze, research, and revise the current CEAL Guide. It is expected that the successful organization will draw on the knowledge, experiences and case studies from civil education across the globe.

Upon completion of this phase of work the revised guide will be submitted to an ICT organization recruited by the Commonwealth Foundation with a strong track record of developing e-learning courses for adult learners. The successful organization will convert the revised guide into an e-learning course. The Commonwealth Foundation will also print the revised guide for dissemination to partners.

The final phase of this project will be piloting the e-learning modules. The Commonwealth Foundation will publish and disseminate the revised civic education guide and in conjunction with the successful applicant, the Foundation will work with a network of partners, to validate the e learning course and guide.

Note: The chronology of the four phases (i) revision, ii) e-learning, iii) piloting and iv)dissemination) is liable to some amendment based on the applications and recommendations made by partner organizations.
Last date for submission of applications is January 13, 2012
For more information, visit this link.

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