Tuesday, 8 May 2012

How to Write a Proposal to get Funds for NGO Prt4

Writing Project Objectives

Many people think that its difficult to come up with project objectives. Let’s find out if it is.. Project Objectives should be SMART : [Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound].

Project objectives are the specific objectives the project works to achieve within the stipulated time. They should directly address the problem mentioned in the problem statement. They should be specific: the more specific it is the better to design activities/indicators/LFA and address the problem and easier to convince the donor. It will helpful to mention the number of women, children benefiting from the objective; this will be useful in measuring the outcome. Some more tips to write Project Objectives:

  • Think about what success means for your project and how you would show that success
  • Refer to the results you expect from the project
  • Describe the focus population and the desired change among the population
  • Include the location and time period for each objective
  • Reflect the intended changes in systemic conditions or behaviors that must be achieved to accomplish the goal/strategic objective
  • Should have measurable indicators which show what, when, and how conditions, behaviors, and practices will change
  • Must be verifiable at some point during the execution of the project

A good objective can be:
To increase the income-level of women farmers from 5% to 15% in the district/ area where the project is implementing.

Some Relevant Words to be used while writing Objectives:
  • Decrease…
  • Increase…
  • Strengthen…
  • Improve…
  • Enhance…

Some Inappropriate words not to be used while writing Objectives:

  • Train
  • Provide
  • Produce
  • Establish
  • Create

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