Monday, 7 May 2012

(MSc) Programme on Integrated Drylands Management

The focus of the course work will be on research and practices for combating desertification, and will include interdisciplinary aspects such as climate change, integrated water and land management, combating desertification, pasture land management, livestock and wildlife in arid zones and economics aspects.

Upon completion of the course work and approval of the research proposal, students will carry out their field research which will be hosted by one of the partner organizations. The MSc Programme is jointly offered by the seven partner institutions as an internationally accepted degree.

Typically, the graduates from the MSc Programme serve in government departments and agencies (eg., those dealing with agriculture, forestry, natural resources management, and combating desertification), teaching positions in institutions of higher learning, research institutions and doctoral research programmes.

  • • Applicants must already be registered in a Master’s degree programme at one of the Programme partner institutes or
  • at any other associated university.
  • Applicants must have already completed their basic core course work of their programme.
  • Applicants must demonstrate a proved competence in relevant research methodologies, laboratory and computer skills.
  • Applicants must demonstrate proof of proficiency in English (oral and written).
  • Applicants must submit a research proposal of 10 pages, whose priority aligns with that of programme partner who will host the proposed research.
  • Additionally, working experience in dryland management is desirable.
How to Apply?
  • A letter of nomination from your supervisor/university where you are currently registered in a Master’s programme that certifies completion of the basic course work.
  • A certified copy of academic transcripts for each institution attended.
  • An original, detailed MS research proposal of 10 pages clearly outlining the problem statement, literature review, research question, methodology, expected results, workplan and timetable.
  • Two (2) original supporting letters of reference, one (1) of which must be from your current supervisor.
  • Evidence of English proficiency (e.g. TOEFL score, English certificate, etc.), where English is not your first language.
  • Deadline- 15 June, 2012.
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