Monday, 7 May 2012

Shirley Gilliver Memorial Fund Scholarship Grants

The Fund was established by the Family, friends and colleagues of Shirley Gilliver, a Senior Tutor in the School of Behavioural Sciences, who died in a road accident returning to Townsville from the Cairns campus on 22 April 1991. The Fund was established to promote the study of social welfare policy and problems of rural North Queensland.
The value of the scholarship grants shall be determined by the Selection Committee determine from time to time based on the available income of the Fund, as advised by the Director of Resources.

Eligibility Criteria-
Grants from the Shirley Gilliver Memorial Fund shall be open to competition among candidates who:
  • are Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia; and
  • are a full-time student of the University enrolled in
  1. a Bachelor of Community Welfare;
  2. a Bachelor of Social Work;
  3. a Bachelor of Community Welfare with Honours;
  4. a Bachelor of Social Work with Honours;
  5. a Masters of Social Work;
  6. a Masters of Social Policy; or
  7. a Doctorate undertaking research in rural communities.
Application Procedures-
Applicants will attach to the official form, where appropriate-
  • a certified copy of their academic record from James Cook University and any other academic institution;
  • no more than three references attesting to the applicant’s good character and/or suitability to receive the scholarship;
  • their curriculum vitae; and
  • any other supporting documentation that would assist the Selection Committee in developing an opinion as to the merit of the application.
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