Monday, 12 August 2013

Call for Proposals: Common Fund for Commodities (CFC)

Deadline- 4 October 2013

Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) is accepting applications for support of Commodity Development which aims to provides financing to organizations and enterprises engaged in commodity value chains. The objective of this program is to support implementation of innovative interventions that target new opportunities in commodity markets leading to commodity based growth, employment generation, increase in household incomes, reduction in poverty, and enhancement of food security.


    Social- Create employment particularly for youth and women, increase household incomes, reduce poverty, and enhance food security.
    Economic- Enhance production and productivity, achieve higher local value addition; improve competitiveness of producers, producer organisations and small and medium sized industries; support the financial sector development.
    Building partnerships- Build effective and cost efficient collaboration between producers, industry, governments, civil society organisations and other stakeholders for commodity based development.

Thematic areas-

    Production, productivity and quality improvements
    Processing and value addition
    Product differentiation
    Technology transfer and up gradation
    Introduction of measures to minimise the physical marketing and trading risks
    Facilitation of trade finance
    Risk Management

Eligibility & Criteria-

    The CFC partner organisations can be bilateral and multi-lateral development institutions, cooperatives, producer organisations, small and medium enterprises, processing and trading companies, and local financial institutions that-

    operate in commodity value chains or provide financial services to small business operators, SMEs, cooperatives, producer organisations
    have a clear plan focusing on developing and/or diversifying their production/services
    have the ability to invest in the value chain to reduce transaction costs or increase revenues of producers/processors/storage /marketing
    have a clear plan to expand their markets at local, national, regional and international level
    have the technical, managerial and financial capacity to effectively and efficiently implement the intervention.

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