Monday, 12 August 2013

JWF’s Peace Projects Request for Proposals

Deadline: 30 September 2013

The Journalists and Writers Foundation (JWF) has announced a Request for Proposals for innovative conflict resolution and peacebuilding projects focused on preventing, managing and resolving violent conflict and promoting post-conflict peacebuilding, reconciliation and dialogue in communities experiencing conflict. JWF awards will support projects that apply a broad range of disciplines, skills and approaches.


Non-profit organizations and individuals (including but not limited to academicians, activists, artists, community organizers, educators, filmmakers, journalists, scholars, social workers, and students) from all nationalities are eligible to apply.

Proposals for supporting or advancing already existing projects are not eligible.

At least one member of the team must be over 18 years old.

There are no geographical restrictions on applicants.

For each key personnel (those in charge of managing and overseeing the implementation of the project, such as project directors, project managers, and those who will be involved in implementing the project), please provide a CV that shows the qualifications and competencies of the individuals to successfully perform the duties and responsibilities involved in project implementation.

Proposals must be submitted on the website by 11:59 am on September 30, 2013.

    Proposals must be typed and must follow the requirements outlined in the section entitled “How to Apply”. No changes to proposals will be accepted after the deadline.
    All proposals must be submitted in English.
    JWF is not liable for any costs incurred by applicants prior to the issuance of an agreement with JWF.
    Submitting a project gives JWF permission to use project materials in relevant outreach or public relations activities.
    Project duration should be a maximum of 2 years from the award date.
    JWF does not condone fraudulent projects of any kind. This includes plagiarism and the presentation of another’s work as one’s own. Fraudulent proposals will be rejected; if such a proposal is found to be fraudulent after receiving a grant, JWF will demand the return of the awarded amount.
    JWF may cancel or change the conditions of this solicitation at any time prior to awarding the contract. JWF will announce any changes made on Peace Projects website. Please check the website regularly.
    Questions concerning this solicitation should be submitted on the website. No questions will be accepted after the Summary Proposal submission deadline.

The Award:

Subject to funding, JWF’s plans for this solicitation are as follows:

    Total funding: US$500,000
    Project grants: US$50,000 maximum (to be used in the implementation of the project)
    Grants will be given in three installments. Details of these installments will be determined according to the work plan of each project and the grant agreement that will be signed between JWF and the awardees.
    Successful implementation awards (awarded upon successful implementation of projects):
        First Place Award: US$30,000
        Second Place Award: US$20,000
        Third Place Award: US$10,000

For more information, visit this link.

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