Monday, 12 September 2011

UN Habitat seeks proposals from eligible consultants

UN Habitat seeks proposals from eligible consultants for contributing to the development of initial modules of the Cities and Climate Change Academy

The Cities and Climate Change Initiative (CCCI) of UN-HABITAT aims to build momentum for local governments to more readily respond to the climatic threats they face (Climate Change adaptation) and take bold steps in reducing cities’ climate footprint (Climate Change mitigation). 

CCCI aims to enhance policy dialogue and advocacy on the local, sub-national, national, regional as well as on the global level. Knowledge generation and management through the CCCI website and publications, Capacity building for all stakeholders through tool development and partnerships with the professional associations, universities and local government training institutes are other key elements of the initiative.

In this context, UN Habitat has issued a call for proposals inviting interested parties to contribute to the development of the initial modules of the Cities and Climate Change Academy.

Objectives of the Cities and Climate Change Academy and its modules are:
To provide those teaching urban courses with sufficient material to confidently teach climate change related subject matter. Whilst the modules are to be generic, case studies and specific examples will focus on issues of developing countries making the modules particularly relevant to universities in Africa, Asia and the Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean and courses in any part of the world that focus on international issues;

        To provide users with a one-stop, easy-access and attractive resource for urban climate change education.
        To provide all users with sufficient regional and local content to easily adapt the modules to the relevant climatic zone, climate change impacts and prevailing climate change response framework.
        To provide users with a dynamic web platform, allowing uploading of local module adaptation as well as other related resources.
        To provide users with a platform to interact with one another during development and application supporting the creation of a community of practice.
        To have well tested tools available to scale up climate change responses by cities and local governments;
Required qualifications and experience of the consultant(s) / cooperation partner (team leader/team members)
        Advanced degree (Masters or Ph.D.) in field related to sustainable urban development/urban planning/climate change;
        Solid international reputation and proven experience in the field of sustainable urban development/urban planning/climate change, preferably with publications in the field of cities and climate change.
        Team leader should have at least 7 years of experience as urban educator at the tertiary level, including curriculum development; preferably with significant experience in the field of climate change.
        Team members should have significant experience in delivery of urban education at the tertiary level including climate change.
        Extensive knowledge of local government systems and functions as well as urban planning in developing countries;
        Demonstrated ability to develop and deliver realistic plans, observing standards and timeliness;
        Strong English writing and presentation skills: proven ability to prepare English language education modules;

Last date for submission of proposals is October 9, 2011For more information and details, you can visit this link.

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