Saturday, 3 September 2011

Transparency International Internship in Kenya

A permanent and effective system that would provide valuable work experience to students pursuing their studies at a first degree, Masters degree and Ph.D. degree levels.
This is a critical bridge between the world of study and the work place for young professionals.

Interns will be assigned to relevant programme /manager for supervision throughout the internship period.

Each programme at TI-K:

·         shall make provision to accommodate its interns.

·         shall ensure that interns have work to do and are afforded quality supervision.

·         shall ensure that the interns are aware of their rights, obligations and responsibilities.

·         shall ensure that professional competencies of the intern are enhanced by allocating the intern lesser or no administrative tasks.

·         Preference for internship will be given to students from Kenya.

Responsibilities of the Intern:

·         The intern shall demonstrate willingness to fully and actively participate in the learning experience in the TI-K by planning their programme with the Mentor.

·         The intern shall participate in the introduction and orientation programmes of the TI-K.

·         The intern shall avail himself/herself for relevant skills development intervention planned by the TI-K.

·         International Interns shall organise her/his own work-permit for Kenya where required.


Applicants must, at a minimum, be enrolled in a recognised undergraduate programme.

Applicants should be well-organised, self-motivated and reliable, with a strong interest in good governance and anti-corruption reform.

Relevant coursework is highly desirable, and knowledge of foreign languages is a plus.

Basic computer skills (i.e., Microsoft Office, Internet applications) are required.

Application Process:

Applicants may either write or email directly to TI-K for the attention of the internship coordinator.

Applicants should submit a cover letter explaining their interest in working with TI-K and outlining any other relevant experience and/or information.

A CV detailing education, work experience and any other relevant technical skills should be attached.

An Internship Application Form should be filled and submitted together with the Application

In addition, a supporting letter from the Applicant's institution is required.


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