Sunday, 18 September 2011

Nomination invitations from UNDP for Solutions to Climate Change/Environment, Food Security, Global Health, HIV/AIDS, Social Protection & Decent Work, Education

A call for nominations has been issued by the Special United for South-South Cooperation in UNDP to nominate a project or program that has provided a successful solution to the following areas: climate change/environment, food security and global health through effective leadership, innovation, and partnership.

Criteria for Nomination
Nominated initiatives should have some of all of these attributes: South priority/demand driven, South ownership, South leadership, Broad-based partnership, Innovation, Efficiency, Sustainability and Scalability

Who can participate?
Any public or private institution, group or project that have made significant contributions to human development in the global south and that has provided solutions to address the challenges in the areas of climate change/environment, food security, global health. We seek organizations and institutions that can nominate south development solutions (SDS) that could readily be replicated, scaled up or adapted across developing countries. The South Development Solution (SDS) could be a Southern-grown solution, a South-South partnership solution, a North-South-South triangular partnership solution, a South-South-Multilateral Organization solution, Public-Private partnership solution, and/or combination of all these.
The best selected solutions will receive:
  • An opportunity to exhibit the initiative at the Global South-South Development Expo in the FAO HEADQUARTERS IN ROME
  • The opportunity to interact with partners and donors interested in funding or replicating the initiative in other developing countries.
  • A Commemorative plaque at the Special Ceremony with World Leaders.
The deadline for submission of the nomination form is  31 October 2011.  For more information, visit this link.

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