Monday, 21 July 2014

The Africa Climate Change Fund will provide Minimum US$250,000 to African Institutions for Climate Finance Readiness Programs

Deadline: 8 August 2014
The Africa Climate Change Fund (ACCF) invites African governments, non-governmental organizations, research and regional institutions to submit grant applications for the climate finance readiness projects, programs or activities.
Grant request can be made for minimum US$250,000. The primary aim of the call is to enhance the capacity of African countries to improve their national institutional governance for direct and international access to climate finance, and to develop transformational policies, programs and projects for climate resilience and low carbon growth, in alignment with UNFCCC decisions.
Activities (may be but not limited to)
  1. Support for national climate finance institutions in relation to the Green Climate Fund (GCF)   implementation.
  2. Collating and reviewing existing country plans and strategies to prioritize transformational opportunities, and to identify thematic and geographic programmatic options
  3. Technical assistance in the implementation of National Adaptation Planning (NAP) processes
  4. Economic and technical evaluation of options for infrastructure development
  5. Preparation of programs and projects that promote low carbon development in power, transport, forestry and agriculture sector
  6. Technical assistance for programs and projects preparation to enhance the resilience of the current climatic variability and change in vulnerable areas and sectors.
  7. Development of frameworks to raise finance for climate action.
  8. Sharing knowledge and experience through regional meetings and south-south dialogue.
Using the grant money
The grants can be used for the recruitment of national and international consultants; trainings; consultation workshops; regional and international meetings; communication, advocacy and translation services; the provision of technical assistance in the preparation of studies and analytical pieces; and office equipment and transportation fees if a direct beneficiary executes the grant after approval by the Bank.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Applicants can be African governments, NGOs, research and regional institutions.
For more information, please visit ACCF launches first call for proposals.

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